Memorial Cards Ireland

Choose your fonts, colours, backgrounds and more. As well as adding photos and text to create a truly personal message that encapsulates the tone of your Memorial Cards Ireland themed perfectly.


Watch this video and get creative.

Our Memorial Cards Ireland Themes are a thoughtful and personalised way to honor and remember a loved one who has passed away. These Memorial Cards Ireland themes can be customised with a photo, name, dates, and a special message or quote. They serve as a lasting tribute and can be distributed at memorial services, funerals, or kept as a keepsake. 

Our Memorial Cards Ireland

  • Customisable with a photo, name, dates, and message
  • High-quality cardstock 350GSM for durability
  • Various design options available
  • Flat 2 sided gloss laminated with envelopes available
  • Flat Memorial Card Sizes H105mm x W74mm 

For Our Customers

  • Provides a tangible and meaningful way to remember a loved one
  • Allows for personalisation and customisation to reflect the individual's personality and life
  • Can be shared with family and friends as a keepsake or memento
  • Offers comfort and support during the grieving process
  • Serves as a lasting tribute to honor the memory of the deceased.

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CEL89 Flat Memorial Card

CEL89 Flat Memorial Card


  • Colours

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